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This is not your mother’s tombola.

Irish tech entrepreneur Jonny O’Malley writes:

Go Raffle It is the worlds first personalised raffling platform, it can be used for personal and commercial use and also for your everyday charity events and fundraisers.

After you have selected the amount you want for your raffle, the ticket denominations, share it with friends and family on your social media platforms.

The raffle takes place as soon as you sell your last ticket, our specially designed algorithm picks a winner at random and emails everyone to announce the winner.

Cars, electronics, bikes, houses, vouchers and anything you can think of …Go Raffle It!

In fairness.


Johnnie Morris (left) and ‘CJ’ (aka Bongos), founders of Johnnie Bongos brewery

Johnnie Bongos.

A new Dublin craft brewery with a palpable difference.

Johnnie Morris writes:

I was reading a couple of your lovely, beer-related articles recently about the White Hag festival in Sligo and Franciscan Well’s delicious partnership with Aungier Danger.

The article prompted me to get in touch with you about a new venture I’ve co-founded called JohnnieBongos Brewery. Like our counterparts at White Hag and Franciscan Well, we’re looking to tap into the popularity of the craft beer scene but we’re approaching it from a pretty unique angle.

We’re creating Ireland’s first membership-access brewery which is a fully kitted out brewing space where people can come to learn and brew their own craft beer masterpieces.

We’re currently in the process of fitting out our premises in Dublin’s North Strand, just 10 minutes walk from Connolly Station. We’ll also be offering brewing workshops and facilitating corporate events for companies that want a different type of team day out (Details at link below)!

In fairness.


Johnnie Bongo Brewery (Kickstarter)

Johnnie Bongo

Simon Krieger comes from the tourism industry .

Chris Donnelly has design and technology experience.

Together they are Madeaways, a brand new Irish travel startup.

Chris writes:

With the world of information offered by the internet at their fingertips, holiday-makers these days are savvier and more demanding.

Not only that, but the booming ‘sharing economy’ is encouraging the growth of an exciting new breed of group holiday experiences, one with an emphasis on customisability, activities, well-being and community.

Our first retreat is in October in Bantry involving yoga and wine. You can see the details here: here

Currently Madeaways is in an early testing phase of product development, they will be running retreats and planning events over the coming months.

So if you are interested in getting involved or seeing what they are up to be sure to drop a mail at: info@madeaways.com