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Behold: the 2015 Jaguar C-X75. But not just any old Jaguar C-X75.

This was the vehicle driven by Dave Bautista’s villainous Mr Hinx in the 2015 Bond  movie ‘Spectre’. Well, one of four anyway. After filming, the car was fully serviced by the Williams Formula One team which collaborated in its manufacture, touring the world as a press car for the movie. It was also driven by Williams F1 driver Felipe Massa before the 2015 Mexican Grand Prix.

An ultra rare Jag and a piece of film history, it’s up for auction at the end of the month for €720,000+.


Behold: the  Jaguar C-X75 – the million euro supercar that never was.

Shelved after five years of development, the C-X75 made a spectacular debut in the Bond movie Spectre, whose producers used seven of them to depict a single vehicle. Four of the seven were stunt cars and this is one of those.

Most likely built with a tubular aluminium frame and featuring an engine from the current Jaguar lineup (unlike the778bhp, twin turbo concept vehicle), this is still a piece of movie history and a tribute to what might have been.

Currently accepting bids.