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Paul Condron tweetz:

These be crazy times over there across the Atlantic Sea #MiniMalarkey #PressFreedom


White House defends doctored Trump-Acosta clip used to justify reporter’s ban (The Guardian)

This morning.

The Guardian reports:

[CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent Jim] Acosta has had his White House credentials revoked after engaging in a fiery exchange with Donald Trump during a press conference after the mid-term elections [yesterday].

Acosta asked Trump about immigration and Trump refused to answer Acosta’s questions, repeatedly telling him to sit down. Acosta initially refused to relinquish the microphone to a female intern and the White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders later tweeted that Acosta had placed his hands on the young woman.


White House accuses CNN’s Jim Acosta of ‘placing his hands’ on young intern – video (The Guardian)