Paul Condron tweetz:

These be crazy times over there across the Atlantic Sea #MiniMalarkey #PressFreedom


White House defends doctored Trump-Acosta clip used to justify reporter’s ban (The Guardian)

30 thoughts on “Crazy Times

  1. Shane Duffy

    Doctored or not, the man clearly uses his hand to stop the woman getting the mic. If this were Trump doing it to a woman the alt left would be apoplectic with rage.

    1. LeopoldGloom

      He doesn’t though. He was moving his hand up and down anyway as many people to when talking. It’s a perfectly natural thing to do. Trump does it, but his is more like wild gesticulating.

      It’s nothing, absolutely nothing. Morons are eating it up.

    2. DeKloot

      It would be one of the few times I’d defend the Cheeto. I’d use my hand to prevent someone – male, female or neutral – from their attempt to snatch a mic in such a fashion. It’s preposterous this.

    3. Clampers Outside!

      Or, say… a Fox News reporter questioning Obama.

      It’s a big nothing from both sides.

      Tucker Carlson’s wife and family being harassed at home in the middle of the night by rabid Leftists is on a scale way way higher! Regardless of what anyone thinks of him.

      Sick fupps, in fairness.

      1. pedeyw

        It would have been a big nothing if Acosta hadn’t had his hard pass revoked but it was and the whitehouse posted a doctored video to fit their narrative.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          The accusations about the ‘big nothing’ were flying from both sides before those two things happened.

          Those two things are not the what I spoke of, they came after.
          And yes, they are not nothing, of course.

      2. realPolithicks

        “a big nothing’

        I guess it is if you don’t care about freedom of the press, but then you’re a big trump supporter aren’t you.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          LOL, still throwing that label around I see.

          I’ll go again, yes, that was an over reaction…. to a “big nothing”. Understand now, good lad.

    4. Nigel

      ‘if this were’ is doing so much work in this sentence it could be earning overtime in an emergency room at Christmas. Getting mad at someone because they briefly touched someone else who was trying to grab something out of their hand is the bad-faith parody-version of #metoo touted by the right. They doctored a video, or at least promoted a doctored video, to gin up a fake assault charge. There’s no ‘both sides’ here. It’s a reprehensible and alarming act. Morally and ethically, it’s quite simple, which is why immoral and unethical people work so hard to complicate it.

      1. Riz

        “Morally and ethically, it’s quite simple, which is why immoral and unethical people work so hard to complicate it.”

        Here here, well spoken Nigel!!

    5. Spaghetti Hoop

      Yes, it’s kind of an automatic reaction when someone tries to grab an item from you that you are using – you end up touching them. Instinctive like you extend your hands in a fall. He did not ‘lay his hands’ on the comms person. This whole debacle with the video analyses and accusations is just Trump-tactical deflection. While his nation bicker and divide in opinion over this, he elevates himself above the rabble. From what I’ve gathered, he was like this in business too.

      1. Nigel

        There was a racist shooting by a Trump supporter, a series of bombs sent to Trump’s political enemies, including CNN, and a massacre by a guy who didn’t think Trump was going far enough, all in the last two weeks. There was also an effort to fake up a sexual assault charge against Mueller. There’s insane stuff going on in Georgia to do with the election and apparently the Republican party is suing Florida to prevent post-in ballots being counted. It’s nightmarish, and the White House literally trying to dictate reality, and supporters agreeing with it while others deflect and others laugh and others lecture about ‘both-sides’ is in keeping with the trend.

          1. Nigel

            Oh no, wait, that’s not even the worst part. The fire is burning in an area where there was a nuclear meltdown in the fifties, with the clean-up still ongoing.

          2. Nigel

            Not the point, but a variation of a point people keep trying to make, even though it’s not the point.

          3. jusayinlike

            It’s not a point if you slavishly buy into the phoney left right puppet show that masquerades as US politics..

          4. millie st murderlark

            You’re deflecting from the point Nigel is trying to make but top work as usual.

            Not everything is binary.

          5. jusayinlike

            How so?

            They’re both stooges, why take them seriously?

            As this distraction occurs other more serious things are happening, should we ignore them and focus on the phoney pantomime that is US politics instead?

            What’s binary about my statement and why snide about it?

          6. f_lawless

            I think the point is we’re in a dire existential crisis as scientists now sayi we have to take radical action in about the next 12 years to stop the Earth’s temperature from rising by more than 2 degrees. After that, we’re stuck in a feedback loop and humanity’s extinction is pretty much assured.
            So as crisis looms, these kinds of partisan politics stories are perfect for keeping us polarised but still thinking within the confines of the status quo. However, the real threat is that our political structures on both the left and right have become so intertwined with toxic corporate power – particularly in the US – that our elected leaders don’/can’tt stand up to these psychopaths who are prepared to sacrifice the human species – and millions of others – for their own short term gain.

  2. Truth in the News

    The “Fake News” waffler propagating flawed video footage….what next
    Trump walking on the Moon Video….?

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