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Former Fianna Fáil Minister and family GP Dr Jim McDaid


“I fully agree that we must pursue the current advice as given in September 2020 but based on all of the figures currently available, it is demonstrated clearly that despite large numbers of people contracting Covid-19, it is seen that the virus does not have a virulent an impact that it had in Phase 1….

…We have quite a large practice in Donegal but despite the figures a few days ago, we had only one person in hospital at the height of those figures and our advice and suggested treatment as doctors to our patients was to isolate yourselves, drink plenty of fluids and make sure you buy a box of paracetamol on the way home.”

One suggestion I put forward for discussion is that the proposed further lockdowns exclude younger people. People under 40, perhaps people under 50, who can prove that they are under a certain age and have no chronic illnesses.

“I have been informed by my patients, especially the elderly, that they are watching four to six versions of the news on a daily basis. They have become addicted but they are not being given all the facts. They are scared. They deserve better.”

Part an open letter to the Taoiseach Micheál Martin from former Fianna Fáil Minister Dr Jim McDaid, a family GP in Letterkenny, County Donegal.

Come in.

We’ve been expecting you.

Country on verge of a mental health crisis – Dr McDaid (Donegal News)