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Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 22.33.32[Jim Sheridan and Sinead O’Connor]


From Fanning and Kelly Solicitors:

We have been instructed by Jim Sheridan , the film director and producer..
We refer to your website, which features an online article entitled “My Left Hook” which has been placed on your website some time earlier this afternoon.
This article purports to be a report on a letter published by Sinead O’Connor on her own website which contain a series of grossly false and offensive claims.
It is obvious that this “letter” is grossly offensive, defamatory and attention seeking. Your website, quite incredibly, has adopted the contents of the letter and has also provided a live link to the offensive website. Your website is grossly defamatory of our client.
We call upon you to immediately remove the article from your website and delete all links and references to the article and the Sinead O’Connor website. This requires immediate action.
We will write further in the next 24 hours in relation to this matter.

Graham Hughes/Photocall Ireland, YouTube