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You’d be forgiven for thinking this could be some sort of miseryfest with Philip Seymour Hoffman and friends.  Instead, it’s a dystopian vampire revenge movie with Paul Bettany.

It looks loud, dumb and predictable.

No prizes for knowing which option I’d prefer.

Release Date (Ireland): 2011 (no date yet).


Hollywood plunders its past again to give us another chance to marvel at a masked man and his ninja sidekick.

The release was delayed so it could be smeared it with a 3D conversion which will add exactly 110% worth of irratation to our viewing pleasure.

Release Date (Ireland): January 14, 2011.

I’d rather see the Kevin Smith version:



This is how it looked in 1985.

And this is the 2010 version:


Yes. Back to the Future is back! In the the Future (that is now!)!  Well, at least in the cinemas. Following in the other great scifi trilogy’s footsteps, we’re getting an airbrushed version of our memories.

Release Date (Ireland): October 1.

Sure if you’re doing that, you may as well put an Ewok in the Delorean.