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Daisy Onubogu writes:

Idealism has gripped Irish youth. The idea that an ordinary man could rise up against a textbook baddie, and in their multitude, bring him down, has taken root in the
minds of Irish youth all over. After watching this video hundreds if not thousands are shaking off our customary scowl of cynicism and daring to believe in the might of the people. Daring to believe (like we used to as kids) that we can save the world.We want to score one for the good guys. For once, we want to take one down. We can’t solve all the world’s problems, not right now… but we CAN do this much, we can take down this son of a b*tch, save the children and prove to the world that our generation has redefined the rules of the game.This is some of the most inspiring news I’ve seen in a while… I think it belongs here!