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Further to this morning’s story in the Irish Daily Mail by Jennifer Bray, about the leaking of a Labour Party secret guide for its election candidates, Ms Bray spoke on RTÉ’s Today with Seán O’Rourke about the 30-page document.

She explained Labour party canvassers have been told to tell their constituents the following about other parties on the doorstep:

On Fianna Fáil:

‘They offer nothing new and the economy shouldn’t be handed back to them.’

‘Fianna Fáil were the ones who signed the country up to water charges.

‘They practically abandoned social housing.’

On Sinn Féin:

‘People should be very afraid of them serving in Government, they won’t be able to stick to their policies, if in fact they were in Government.’

‘They’ve more u-turns than a dodgy plumber.’

On Social Democrats:

‘The Social Democrats can’t agree on a leader. They’re not social democrats at all and they must be the only social democrats in the world that don’t believe in property tax.’

‘Magic beans only work in fairytales.’

On Renua:

‘They’re two right-wing for even Donald Trump.’

On Fine Gael:

‘If Fine Gael were to go into government by themselves, they’d be a very different party without the balance of Labour.’

Listen back in full here