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This morning.

Laura writes:

“Greyhound staff [who are members of SIPTU], continue their strike outside the refuse company’s Clondalkin plant today. Approx 70 workers have been on strike since June 17 over the company’s plans to cut their wages by 35 per cent and change their employment conditions. Greyhound, however, say the workers will still be paid 10 per cent above the industry average….”

(Laura Hutton/Photocall ireland)

LO1Are you familiar with the 1913 Lockout?

Do you know what a ‘responsive microsite’, ‘augmented reality’ and ‘historical GIS’ are?


You may like this so.

Frances, from the Dublin Tenement Experience, writes:

“We want to create a ‘responsive microsite’ that could be used on the street or at home. Something like this. We are going to use census data, images, newspaper articles and other information to highlight the social, political and economic contexts that helped bring about the 1913 Lockout.

We hope to create something with geolocation points to talk about tenement life at the period so users can gain information about buildings that are still standing (or long gone) in around the northside from around O’Connell Street to Henrietta Street. We hope the site will engage visitors with the strong history of the area as part of larger ‘Tenement Experience’ project.

“This larger project will take place over a 9 week period during July and August 2013 and will be presented on the ground floor of No. 14 Henrietta Street, a former tenement. The project is a collaboration between Dublin City Council, the Irish Congress of Trade Unions and the Irish Heritage Trust.

We are looking for help from those interested in web development, historical visualisation, cultural commons, augmented reality, historical GIS, crowdsourcing and Dublin history! And a few social media gurus wouldn’t go astray either…


Interested coders should go to Wood Quay Venue on Wood Quay, Dublin 8,  this Saturday at 10am. They can also register here.

Pic: A mother and six children in Dublin, c. 1900 (Dublin Tenement Experience)