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The Dart

Erin Fornoff writes:

On Thursday I left my (red, beat up-looking) wallet on the Dart. It had a good bit of money it (unusually), my house key, and pretty much everything I need to survive including Irish ID, etc. Yesterday someone turned it in to the station with all the cash in it and everything else. He left his name as “John Joe” and put down a random fake number. I am assuming it was the Olympic Champion boxer. Even if it isn’t the Olympic champion boxer, I am dying to thank the hell out of whoever brought it back! THANK YOU JOHN JOE. YOU ARE THE GREATEST MAN ALIVE.


Fiachra Redmond writes:

I thought you may be able to help with this, might be small potatoes but a Daniel Miley from Wicklow lost his wallet by the main stage [at Forbidden Fruit] today, we picked it up, trying to get it back to him so maybe you could give a shout out to see If he or someone who knows him could get in contact, id be sickened if it was me is all! Cheers.


If you are Daniel or know him: broadsheet@broadsheet.ie

Update: Daniel has been located. Thanks all.