They Normally Don’t Do This


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The Dart

Erin Fornoff writes:

On Thursday I left my (red, beat up-looking) wallet on the Dart. It had a good bit of money it (unusually), my house key, and pretty much everything I need to survive including Irish ID, etc. Yesterday someone turned it in to the station with all the cash in it and everything else. He left his name as “John Joe” and put down a random fake number. I am assuming it was the Olympic Champion boxer. Even if it isn’t the Olympic champion boxer, I am dying to thank the hell out of whoever brought it back! THANK YOU JOHN JOE. YOU ARE THE GREATEST MAN ALIVE.


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15 thoughts on “They Normally Don’t Do This

  1. Cloud

    There are good people out there alright. My phone was stolen recently, the thief put it on and sold it for 250 quid. The guy that bought it twigged immediately that it was stolen and got it back to me. The fool had sold it without even erasing the data so all my contact details, emails, notifications etc were right there on the screen. Gardai got his money back for him too. Good man Denis.

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