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Liz Fearon writes:

M&S now do a curated line of ” modesty clothing” for woman. I’ve been triggered:_)
I’ve written to them (see below) Too early for a response. I’m stunned that they are so out of kilter with, well today’s issues..

Dear M & S,

I find myself genuinely puzzled. Has there been a gap noted by your customers which initated this section in your women’s clothing? Who is it aimed at? As a large company did you really take time to consider how it may be intrepretated, and the inherent message it may be sending?

For years, bought clothes for my Mum regularly, she was definitely modest in her tastes, but we certainly didn’t require a curated section to direct our purchases. We happily shopped and choose for her needs, totally without a section of modest clothing. I have no doubt anyone who wish for more covered clothing could do just the same.

Is this to become a trend throughout other fashion outlets? Are we likely to see this more regularly?

I’m troubled. It seems extremely odd and out of step with our current zeitgeist. Please do not misunderstand, of course woman can choose to dress as they please, immodest, modest, anywhere in between . Modesty is aligned with goodness, purity, being a good girl. Often linked with religious and moral dictates. Don’t dress modestly and you get whats coming to you…..

Curate for modest,,,,is the rest immodest?

Inherently begs the question, should women be dressing modestly? For who? Why? For comfort, great. I don’t call that that modesty, just comfort.

Absolutely a matter of personal freedom, and those with certain faiths, a way of life. I have no doubt a woman who chooses to dress more covered for her faith can browse the aisles, just like the rest of us and find what she wants.

Marks and Spencer does have influence and impact despite what you may think, and curating a section of modest clothing sends a message that I really don’t think has been fully considered.

The concept of modesty is intrinsically linked with immodestly: shaming woman for their clothes choices. Blaming them if a bad event happens….and the question is asked ” what was she wearing”

Why on earth would Marks and spencer invite such contentious politics into your high street shop?

Yours Liz

Modest Clothing (M & S)

You may recall the the cheesy over-ride scandal?

In  August, Broadsheet reader Stephen Hanley asked:

Why do these snacks (purchased at M & S, Dundrum Town Centre) regularly scan at €1.40 when shelf edge says €0.75? Staff over-ride but problem recurs.

Stephen got little satisfaction at the time.

And life moved on.

Until yesterday…


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