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The votes are in.

Following last week’s controversial St Patrick’s MAGA hat competition.

‘Spaghetti Hoopwins the ‘cap of shame‘ – following a tense electoral college run off – with the following verse:

Trumpsters wear red,
But my cap is green,
Would ye send it to Fermanagh,
As a gift to Arlene?


Trumpsters wear red,
But my cap is green,
Groper they said
But Bill ain’t clean

A bonus Trump ‘Make Low Orbit Great Again’ Space Force cap to Angela Broderick for the above ditty.

Thanks all.

Thank you to Johnny-NY for purchasing the caps.

Last week: Our Cap Overfloweth

For the week that’s in it.

Celebrate Patty’s Day in controversial style.

America-based Broadsheet contributor JohnnyNYC has purchased ONE (yes, one) St Patrick’s Day 2019 ‘Make America Great Again’ hat – worth 50 greenbacks – to give away to a Broadsheet reader.

Wear it ironically. Wear it with pride. Use it as a prop in a fake hate crime.

The choice is yours.

The emerald green cap (to fit all head shapes and eseential for ‘flyaway’ hair) includes, at the rear, a four-leafed clover – the infamous sham shamrock – to further confuse passing liberals and Irish patriots alike.

To enter, please complete this rhyme:

Trumpsters wear red,

But my cap is green,



Lines MUST close at MIDNIGHT

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