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Free next Tuesday?

Maynooth Housing Action (MHA) will host it’s official public launch in the Arts Block at Maynooth University, Mariavilla, Maynooth, County Kildare, at 7pm.

Aindriu writes:

Maynooth Housing Action is seeking to get more of the community involved in the housing movement, and hopes this event will provide a platform for people in the community to share the housing issues they are having, and come to conclusions on how these may be addressed together and cooperatively.

We extend an invitation to any and all that are affected by the housing crisis and hope that a good turnout on the 13th of November will build community solidarity and point the way towards community-based solutions to the housing crisis that are achievable in the here and now, along with more long-term sustainable solutions to secure the right to a home of every person on this island….

Maynooth Housing Action