A Conversation On The Housing Crisis


Free next Tuesday?

Maynooth Housing Action (MHA) will host it’s official public launch in the Arts Block at Maynooth University, Mariavilla, Maynooth, County Kildare, at 7pm.

Aindriu writes:

Maynooth Housing Action is seeking to get more of the community involved in the housing movement, and hopes this event will provide a platform for people in the community to share the housing issues they are having, and come to conclusions on how these may be addressed together and cooperatively.

We extend an invitation to any and all that are affected by the housing crisis and hope that a good turnout on the 13th of November will build community solidarity and point the way towards community-based solutions to the housing crisis that are achievable in the here and now, along with more long-term sustainable solutions to secure the right to a home of every person on this island….

Maynooth Housing Action

4 thoughts on “A Conversation On The Housing Crisis

  1. John F

    “…….along with more long-term sustainable solutions to secure the right to a home of every person on this island”.
    Sounds appealing but the devil is in the detail. All of Us that work hard, graft and make financially responsible decisions to enable us to service and and our own homes are morons
    Murphy and his contingent of clowns are busy looking for the next victim to a represent.
    Things are far from perfect no one is denying that but it could be a hell of a lot worse. If you look and one Murphy and Co are calling for it is eventually full-on socialism….. It’s never worked anyway it’s been tried in history but who knows maybe This Time ffs.

    1. scottser

      the socialist underpinning of our republic gave us our free education system, our public housing schemes and our free hospital care, open green spaces and parks, libraries, roads etc.
      not wine though
      bloody romans

    2. Vanessa off the Telly

      Look JD
      I’m one of those too who paid their way through however;
      I’m personally glad there are people like Paul Murphy and Richard Boyd Barrett in Leinster House
      and having had the pleasure of hearing Ashling Micklethwaite I hope she follows the two lads and enter politics, because she is the real deal.

      Taking Back the City is a worthy and valuable endeavor
      and whether you agree with their form of protest or not JD,
      We will all benefit from their activities.

      And frankly I’m thrilled there are voices like these out there, you don’t have to agree, and you don’t have to vote, but Jesus, isn’t it better for our kids to have these as their peers and leaders than some reality tv collective.

  2. john f

    Just to be clear I am not against all socialism, things like health, education public etc. services are better socialised. It’s the cronyism I hate, society needs both socialism and capitalism. However, of the far left are calling for is socialism across the board more and more state control. One of the reasons why there is a housing crisis is because all the building regulations, laws and technicians required make them extremely expensive per unit. Could you imagine these \\\kers having control over more and more residential housing.
    My problem with the take back the city movement is that the only seem to thing to target really expensive places. Boarded-up houses in Ballymun et cetera seemed to go largely unnoticed by them.
    Ironically enough some of the policies argued by far leftists contradict each other. They rightly complain about housing and broken public services. Whilst at the same time arguing for open borders which will make things far worse.
    You can’t have open borders and a welfare state at the same time……. is Economically impossible. Ironically enough the people that will suffer the most are the working classes.
    I agree with you, diversity of opinion is a good thing. However people should be free to hold different opinions and positions other than those advocated by the leftists without being personally attached.

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