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This morning/afternoon.

Dr Marcus De Brun, a family GP from Rush, County Dublin has received notice that he is the subject of a formal investigation by the Irish Medical Council over his appearance at a protest against mandatory mask wearing and Covid-19 restrictions.

Two fellow doctors complained about Dr De Brun’s address (above) to the rally outside the Custom House, Dublin 1 last month.

Dr De Brun, who himself resigned from the Medical Council over the nursing home scandal, has faced claims that, unbeknown to him, the rally was hijacked by far-right agitators and anti-immigration activists.

On Sunday, Dr De Brun told the Business Post:

“If the six or seven thousand people were all members of far-right groups they fooled me. When I looked out in the crowd I saw Asians, a couple of black people and lots of families.”

“I would certainly be sorry and sad to learn if people found my presence at the rally to be offensive, and I can understand that sharing a platform with other people with very radical views would certainly be offensive.

But with one caveat: there is nowhere else.

“[the rally] is [the] only show in town, the only place you can go and demand justice for those who died in nursing homes.

What am I to do? It seems I’m being told to find this imaginary other platform or shut the f**k up.”

Concerning the Medical Council investigation, Dr De Brun said this morning:

“It’s clear they are now coming after my livelihood.”

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