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Will he squirm or will he ANSWER the questions?

Under formal investigation by the Medical Council for speaking out about Covid-19 restrictions and the nursing home scandal, family GP Dr Marcus De Brun (top) takes to the piping ‘hot stool’ to consider YOUR questions.

Yes, even the rude ones.

With Vanessa Foran and John Ryan.

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This morning/afternoon.

Dr Marcus De Brun, a family GP from Rush, County Dublin has received notice that he is the subject of a formal investigation by the Irish Medical Council over his appearance at a protest against mandatory mask wearing and Covid-19 restrictions.

Two fellow doctors complained about Dr De Brun’s address (above) to the rally outside the Custom House, Dublin 1 last month.

Dr De Brun, who himself resigned from the Medical Council over the nursing home scandal, has faced claims that, unbeknown to him, the rally was hijacked by far-right agitators and anti-immigration activists.

On Sunday, Dr De Brun told the Business Post:

“If the six or seven thousand people were all members of far-right groups they fooled me. When I looked out in the crowd I saw Asians, a couple of black people and lots of families.”

“I would certainly be sorry and sad to learn if people found my presence at the rally to be offensive, and I can understand that sharing a platform with other people with very radical views would certainly be offensive.

But with one caveat: there is nowhere else.

“[the rally] is [the] only show in town, the only place you can go and demand justice for those who died in nursing homes.

What am I to do? It seems I’m being told to find this imaginary other platform or shut the f**k up.”

Concerning the Medical Council investigation, Dr De Brun said this morning:

“It’s clear they are now coming after my livelihood.”

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From top Dr Marcus De Brun with a badge denoting his ‘reasonable excuse’ for not wearing a mask under the government’s emergency face-covering legislation

Last night.

Dr Marcus De Brun writes:

If like me you cannot wear a mask on public transport or in shops, because wearing one would cause you “severe distress” You are exempt under Section 6 a (ii) of the mask legislation.

I have made this badge (above) for the benefit of others who see me without a mask and become anxious.

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Good times.

Dr Marcus De Brun?

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More than 500 patients were transferred from hospitals to nursing homes at the height of the pandemic. Ireland has had the second highest death rate in care settings in the world with 1,030 victims.

This morning.

Further to the Government’s plan to permit the phrased re-introduction of visits to nursing homes and care facilities from June 15….

Dr Marcus de Brun writes:

Opening nursing homes to the public next week is potentially disastrous and simply repeats the recent mistakes that have led to so many deaths. I have sent this letter to Minister Harris today. However, I expect it to be ignored, as the elderly have been ignored to date.

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