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This afternoon.

Glasgow, Scotland.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin is currently addressing the COP26 summit on Climate Change.

He said:

“We have enacted legislation to put a legally binding target of reducing our emissions by 2030 to 51% below 2018 levels. We will reach climate neutrality by 2050.

“We are working closely with our EU partners in the green transition that will make Europe the first climate-neutral continent.

“We are implementing a statutory system of carbon budgeting and emissions ceilings for each sector of the economy.”

More as we get it.

Micheal Martin Addresses COP26 (RTÈ)

From top: cows; today’s Irish Times front page lead story


The IPCC concluded that eating less meat, especially in developed countries, and reducing food waste was an effective method to help reduce global warming. It predicts this action would save millions of square kilometres of land being degraded by farming.

The findings led to calls on the Government from climate campaigners and the Green Party to draw up a national land-use plan to help redirect agriculture and to set out how afforestation could help reduce carbon emissions..

Climate experts say Ireland is too reliant on cows (Irish Times)



It’s a start.