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Gardaí ‘linked to heroin dealing’, claims Flanagan (BreakingNews.ie)

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A culture that has festered for years.

Ming on why his points were quashed.

Includes: priest murder.

Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan: “On June the 3rd, I was heading for Dublin in my car, for a meeting in the Dáil building when I was stopped by a garda car. I’d been using my phone and the garda in question told me I’d be receiving a fine. I distinctly remember thanking the garda in question for doing his job well and that his actions might, in fact, extend my life. I headed off on my business and received a fixed penalty notice in the post.”

“A few days later, I bumped into a garda sergeant and…I bumped into a garda sergeant, who informed me that he was aware that I had received a notice. He asked me what had happened and I told him the story. He told me that I was covered under the rule in relation to travelling to the Dáil. I informed him that there was no point but he insisted that I write to the station and explain. I did so and no points were added to my licence.

“The name of the garda in question, I will supply to Minister for, Shatter, in order that he can use it in his internal review of the penalty points issue. Now I had planned to name him in the Dáil but I’ve been informed, by people who seem to know how this place works that I would have been stopped and that would have been the end of my speech. And Deputy Durkan has kind of suggested that. That is not all though.

“In December of 2011, I attended a meeting in Roscommon County Council buildings. When I was approaching the roundabout at the buil, at the, coming up to the council building, I was stopped by the gardai and informed that I would be receiving a fixed penalty points notice because I was on my mobile phone, again. I said ‘ok’ and headed into the meeting. At the meeting, I casually mentioned that I’d been foolishly using my mobile phone while driving and that I would be getting two points. The meeting proceeded and afterwards, I drove home. I spotted my phone ringing about ten minutes into my journey and eh, I do learn a lesson eventually, and pulled in to answer.

“On the phone was a senior county council official informing me that he had sorted out my penalty points issue for me. To this day, I have neither received penalty points, nor a fine. Whatever about the case, whereby the points the points were removed on the grounds of travelling to the Dáil, there is in fact no case for what happened in the other situation. So not only is there a cohort of gardai, who are going around asking people do they want points cancelled, but it appears that there is a franchise system going on, whereby if you are cosy with the senior garda then you too can have people’s offenses quashed.”


“Corruption is like rust. It starts out small and cannot be seen but if it’s not kept in check, it corrodes everything. This is what is happening within Garda Síochána. It started out as something small and has ended up as a situation where now we have a case, where people even feel confident of covering up a murder of a priest who was such a good man that he was named Roscommon Person of the Year.”

(Video via Oireachtas Retort)