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At the Miss USA pageant on Sunday night: Miss Utah, Marissa Powell flubs a response to a question about gender-based income inequality, inadvertently stealing the limelight from eventual winner Miss Connecticut, Erin Brady, though not quite eclipsing the reigning queen of flubs Miss Teen South Carolina.

Just adorable.

Then the poster girl of ‘Go Back To Sleep America’ Miss Alabama, Mary-Margaret McCord stepped up to address the NSA Prism surveillance programme.

Just terrifying.



Miss USA 2011 candidates answering the question ‘Should evolution be taught in schools?’ – not as dumb as they appear, sez Society Pages writer Gwen Sharp:

I suspect that some watching the video will see this as little more than an example of air-headed, dumb women not understanding science. But it’s important to remember that these women are carefully prepped for this competition; they have been through years of lower-level beauty pageant competitions and, to get to the Miss USA contest, they’ve clearly learned the rules of the beauty pageant circuit. They may or may not personally completely agree with what they’re saying; the point is to provide an answer that they believe is most likely to appeal to a group of judges who are looking for a candidate who will be palatable to a broad audience and unlikely to stir controversy. Whatever their personal opinions might be, the women are providing an answer based on a perception of what the most acceptable response is — and the discourse of choice is sufficiently normalized to be a viable, and perhaps the only viable, option they can give and hope to win.

Bonus lols:


Normalising Choice in discourses about Evolution (Society Pages)