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The River Lee bursts its bank in Cork city this morning.

Damian Ó Laocha


John Finn tweetz:

What remained of Youghal’s boardwalk [in east Cork] has been pummelled by the sea this morning. Very sad.

Tramore this morning by Brendan St John. Via Gavan Drohan


Tramore Tourism writes:

John Crowley just sent Tramore Tourism this amazing photo of a giant wave hitting the Pier in Tramore. The pier storm wall is 30ft high so you can call a height on it yourself. Answers on a post card please…. What height is this wave?


Tramore Tourism writes:

Storm is surging over Tramore Promenade. Please everyone stay well clear of the beach area this morning. Do not attempt to drive anywhere along the beach front! The tide is dropping but the swell & wind is still increasing. Big thanks to Tony Power for this amazing photo. Stay safe out there people.


Beautiful Ireland Photography writes:

A wall of water going up then the wind takes over and it crashes back to earth with a big splash flooding all around it. Amazing sight. Nature at its best but you got to be at your most careful. Tramore County Waterford [last night].


Best Photo’s of Baltimore writes this morning:

A calm day at the Mizen Head the other day! 50ft swell expected to hit the coast here later and I hear An Siopa in Cape Clear has already lost its windows and is flooded. Be safe everyone.

Picture by Pierce Higgins