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90087889[Monocle-wearing Dubliner Raphael Kelly on Bloomsday]

A monocle?


From the New York Times:

Martin Raymond, a British trend forecaster, credits the rise to what he calls “the new gents,” a hipster subspecies who have been adding monocles to their bespoke tweed and distressed-boot outfits. On a recent trip to Cape Town, Mr. Raymond said, he saw such a group carrying monocles along with tiny brass telescopes kept in satchels.
All of this is part of a sense of irony and a way of discovering and displaying old artisanal and craft-based technology,” Mr. Raymond said. “You see the monocle appearing in Berlin, parts of South Dublin.”

*raises eyebrow*


One Part Mr. Peanut, One Part Hipster Chic (New York Times)

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)

Thanks Michael le Cool