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This afternoon.

The National Library of Ireland’s National Photographic Archive, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Hot Press Founder Niall Stokes (top) and members of rock tykes The Strypes open a major Hot Press covers exhibition as part of the magazine’s year-long HP40 birthday celebrations.

On designing the first cover in 1977, Niall Stokes writes:

It is impossible to convey in mere words the difference between then and now for graphic designers. I’m not saying that life is a doddle for the maestros of InDesign and Photoshop who ply their trade these days. No indeed.

But back in 1977 it was pure hell.

Every. Thing. Had. To. Be. Done. Deliber. A. Tely. By. Hand. Especially headlines, which were pressed painstakingly and laboriously (you needed to avoid words like that in headlines but we didn’t) out of sheets of ‘Letraset’ (don’t ask) with the tip of a biro, onto flimsy see-through paper against the background of a grid, to keep them (ho, ho) straight….[more at link below[


The Hot Press 40th Anniversary Cover Exhibition Goes On Display This Friday ( Niall Stokes, Hot Press)