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From top: Hot Press 2019 Annual; instagram post from 2017


…Yesterday, I read many powerful testimonies about the impact of racism, both overt and casual. It is something that has no place in any civilised society and I have no hesitation in condemning it in every respect. Unequivocally, black lives, and how they are lived, whether in Ireland or across the world, matter deeply. Never for a second, in my entire life, have I felt anything different.

However, on the basis of the feelings of genuine hurt it has aroused, then I clearly got it wrong in the original opinion piece – for which I apologise.

In particular, the article – and the Hot Press cover story on [Ringsend rap duo] Versatile back in 2018 – were both published long before a photo was brought to our attention of a member of Versatile at a party dressed in blackface, alongside someone clearly posing as Eazy-E of NWA – the photo was taken before they started to become a phenomenon.

Whatever way you look at it, the photograph puts accusations of racism in Versatile’s lyrics into a very different light. Clearly they do have a case to answer.

If we been aware of that photograph, would my opinion piece have been written in the same way in 2019? No.

Stuart Clark, deputy editor of Hot Press [more at link below]

Versatile: An Apology by Stuart Clark (Hot Press)

Versatile: Are They Racist And Misogynistic? (Hot Press, August 9, 2019)

Previously: Straight Outta Conleth’s

Morrissey & Marshall – Hangin’ Around

Pete Murphy writes:

Irish act, Morrissey and Marshall [Dubliners Darren Morrissey & Greg Marshall], are Track of the Fortnight in the current issue of Hot Press, with the magazine saying it “thoroughly deserves to be a huge hit”, and calling it a “sun-drenched, Kinks-esque, power pop, tour de force”.

The duo, now based in London, are currently receiving wide acclaim for their sophomore album release, We Rise….

Morrissey & Marshall (Facebook)




This afternoon.

The National Library of Ireland’s National Photographic Archive, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Hot Press Founder Niall Stokes (top) and members of rock tykes The Strypes open a major Hot Press covers exhibition as part of the magazine’s year-long HP40 birthday celebrations.

On designing the first cover in 1977, Niall Stokes writes:

It is impossible to convey in mere words the difference between then and now for graphic designers. I’m not saying that life is a doddle for the maestros of InDesign and Photoshop who ply their trade these days. No indeed.

But back in 1977 it was pure hell.

Every. Thing. Had. To. Be. Done. Deliber. A. Tely. By. Hand. Especially headlines, which were pressed painstakingly and laboriously (you needed to avoid words like that in headlines but we didn’t) out of sheets of ‘Letraset’ (don’t ask) with the tip of a biro, onto flimsy see-through paper against the background of a grid, to keep them (ho, ho) straight….[more at link below[


The Hot Press 40th Anniversary Cover Exhibition Goes On Display This Friday ( Niall Stokes, Hot Press)



Social Democrat co-founder Catherine Murphy (bong out of picture)


The latest edition of Hot Press is on all good shelves now.

In it, is an interview with Social Democrats co-founder Catherine Murphy by Jason O’Toole.

What to expect?


On the topic of drugs, Murphy openly admits having inhaled marijuana a few times and says she’s in favour of looking at evidence that supports decriminalisation. She also favours for the introduction of injection centres and making marijuana available for medicinal purposes….


Describing herself as pro-choice, Murphy has words about the Eighth Amendment, saying that kicking the issue to the Citizens Assembly is a form of political cowardice. “You know, we do have a Citizen’s Assembly,” she says. “It’s called the Dáil. Ideally, I’d like to have seen that approach. The Citizen’s Assembly should be removed from the constitution.”

Voluntary celibacy:

One issue Catherine is passionate about is the housing crisis and homelessness. Asked, hypothetically speaking, if she could solve this crisis tomorrow – on the one condition that she’d have to give up sex – she readily agrees to such a deal.


“I’d almost give up anything to sort the housing crisis because I see people here every day of the week. If there was something you could actually personally sacrifice to resolve that problem, there would be very little that you wouldn’t do, to sort that housing and homeless crisis. It’s the tragedy of our time.

“But I would do way beyond that. There’s lots I’d give up to sort that crisis out.”


Social Democrats leader Catherine Murphy reveals all in this week’s Hot Press (Hot Press)


Hot Press writes:

“To mark the occasion and to reflect the huge importance of the Marriage Equality Referendum, this fortnight, Hot Press features two separate covers, featuring male and female same sex couples kissing. The couples – Steph and Megan and Dean and Martin – were photographed sharing an intimate kiss with their same sex partners by Kathrin Baumbach specially for this issue’s cover. Hot Press has always campaigned vocally on the issue of gay rights and equality, and the striking images make a clear statement about the value and integrity of same sex love, ahead of polling day on May 22.”

Vote Yes on May 22nd in the same sex marriage referendum (Hot Press)


The Hot Press Best of Ireland magazine is on shelves now (as above) described by its makers as a “handbook for good things on this island”.

Including a list of the 70 best dining spots in Ireland

Oh yes.


The Hot Press Best of Ireland best 70 Restaurants in Ireland

Deanes Restaurant
James Street South
Howard Street

Gregan’s Castle Hotel
Wild Honey Inn

Ballymaloe Restaurant & CafÉ
Fishy Fishy CafÉ
Farmgate Cafe
Cafe Paradiso

Harry’s Bar & Restaurant
Rathmullan HouseContinue reading →

A new city guide from Hot Press.

Launching tonight. On sale tomorrow.

Paul Trainer writes:

his special magazine is a snapshot of Dublin right now and a showcase for the best of the city over 114 pages.  Guest restaurant critic Shane MacGowan reveals his top ten Dublin restaurants, Rachel Allen gives her recipe for an ideal Dublin picnic and Kathryn Thomas describes her perfect Dublin day. Best of Dublin will also feature recommendations from Irvine Welsh, Rosanna Davison, Shay Healy, Paul Howard, Angela Scanlon, Ruth Scott, Stuart Clarke, Niall Stokes, Louise Johnston, Daniella Moyles, Abie Philbin Bowman and Ross Lewis.


No cash, favours, etc.were given for this post but we do know Paul