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U2 were rehearsing in Paris when that city was beset last November, and now, according to The Mirror, the U2 singer,who owns a house in the nearby town of Eze, was eating at a restaurant with friends, including the former mayor of Nice, when blocks away an armed terrorist drove a truck into a crowd, killing 84 people.

According to the New York Daily News Bono was eating on the terrace of La Petite Maison restaurant with chef Alain Ducasse and others when the 18-ton refrigeration truck sent the crowd streaming toward the restaurant.

Bono was ushered into the dining room and left the eatery “with his hands on his head” a half-hour later, after police had given the all-clear.

Geldof must have been too busy.

You couldn’t make it up.

Bono took shelter inside Nice restaurant during Bastille Day terrorist attack: report (New York Daily News)

Bono rescued by armed police after being caught up in Nice terror attack following ISIS lorry slaughter (Irish Mirrror)


Nice, France earlier this morning.

Commenting on the circumstances surrounding the attack, which saw a white truck loaded with weapons plow through a crowd after passing through a police barricade, Carol Davis, a witness to the attacks argued that the police could have done much more to stop the attacker.

“How did this truck come over the barricade. No car was supposed to get by that barricade. A police car could have just easily come around and stopped it, it should have stopped it,”

Truck attack death toll rises to 80 (AP)

Security here is non-existent’: Eyewitness says massive security lapse led to Nice tragedy (RT)

Pics: Getty/AP

One clear lesson from the social-media craze is that people find themselves endlessly fascinating.

The Naughty Or Nice-A-Tron – a facebook App by RPA (and, at heart, a promo for Honda) – is a social media behavior evaluator that assesses whether or not you’ve been a good boy or girl by scanning your Facebook activity over the last year.

We’ve been naughty, but, hey, that’s how we roll.