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This afternoon

Following an often emotional discussion on RTÉ Radio One’s Liveline about Covid hardships – and against the backdrop of the parliamentary golf outing…

SR tweeted:

This (above) is the last time I saw my Da alive. You can just about see his hand in the window. That’s my mom shouting up to him. I remember feeling physically sick at this scene.

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Charlie Bird

This morning.

RTÉ Radio One’s Today with Sarah McInerney.

Former RTÉ journalist Charlie Bird – responding to reinforced restrictions on the elderly – said he wears a mask and downloaded the Covid Tracker App…

“…even though a couple of days after I took it, it practically ran my mobile phone down where it nearly burned.

But I’m doing everything they’ve asked me to do…I’m sensible. I’ve got five grandkids, I don’t want anything to happen,

I don’t want anything to happen to my neighbours or to anybody else but that does not mean I should stay inside. I live in a part of Wicklow where I can walk out and see nobody for hours…”

It’s all very well to say we’re going to throw away the key on 70-year-olds again and I hate the word, absolutely hate the word ‘cocooning’...my former colleagues in the media are giving the Government an easy ride on this.”

Mr Bird repeatedly called for people to listen to Professor Jack Lambert’s interview on last night’s Drivetime on RTÉ Radio One.


This morning.

The National Public Health Emergency Team’s (Nphet) will today reccommend a number of measures to ‘curb a resurgence’ of Covid-19.

Via Independent.ie:

Older people will be asked to restrict their movements and avoid congregated settings under new advice from public-health experts.

Nphet has also recommended that only six people should be permitted in a home from three separate houses in a bid to clamp down on house parties and outdoor home gathering should be reduced to 15 people.

People who can work from home will also be asked to do so for the coming weeks. The Cabinet will meet to discuss the recommendations today.


‘A Cabinet source said there were concerns at the highest ranks of Cabinet that Nphet had “departed from the European mainstream in the severity of their advice” as they are “under pressure from academic commentators as opposed to solid science“.’

Older people will be told to limit time outdoors and family gatherings to be reduced to six to try to stall resurgence of Covid-19 (Independent.ie)




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