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Who’s doing it live?

These lads, almost.

The second episode of This Ain’t No Disco – premiering on Paddy’s Day with a special screening.

Writes the team:

In association with St. Patrick’s Festival, Episode II of This Ain’t No Disco will be premiered in The Sugar Club, 6pm on St. Patrick’s Day, followed by beats from the harbourmaster himself Mr. Donal Dineen. For anyone who would prefer to watch from the safety of their own homes, stay tuned for a general release online at 8pm!

In this second episode expect more live music from breaking Irish artists, and follow Donal Dineen and Myles O’Reilly as they visit New York with one of Ireland’s brightest stars (to be revealed on the night!) who will be spending time with American contemporary composer Nico Mulhy at his Manhattan studios.

Our journey collaboration for this episode has been made possible with the kind support of St. Patricks Festival. Visit the link below for booking details, with 200 free tickets to be issued in the coming weeks.

Step right up, folks.


This Ain’t No Disco returns in March with its second episode, following the online resurrection of the cult RTÉ classic in December.

Writes the team responsible on Facebook:

“This time our journey/collaboration stretches from Dublin to New York City. At home, there’ll be more acoustic performances from kitchens and firesides across the country, and we’ll visit a new space to turn up the volume and art-attack some visuals. This ain’t no foolin’ around.”

The return of No Disco, helmed by Dónal Dineen and Myles O’Reilly, has seen its first episode rack up 179,000 views on Facebook Video alone since its debut.

This Ain’t No Disco


This Ain’t No Disco.

The (spiritual) return of the RTÉ music staple, presented by Irish music legend Dónal Dineen, co-producing with Arbutus Yarns man Myles O’Reilly.

Streaming above: an interview with Dónal Dineen on the original TV show, and the new endeavour, broadcasting exclusively online.

The absolute best news.

This Ain’t No Disco