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Team Ireland return from the London Paralympics 2012 to Dublin Airport this evening.

From top: Michael Mckillop & Jason Smyth; Catherine O’Neill; Mark Rohan & Shane Barker; Darragh McDonald and his mother Caroline; Catherine Walsh, Catherine O’Neill and Fran Meehan, and Mark Rohan’s friends and family.

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)

Eimear C writes:

I notice you didn’t report on Michael McKillop winning his second gold of the Paralympics on Monday. He was presented his medal by his Mam so it was a pretty emotional moment.

These superb athletes definitely deserve an open-top bus fanfare for their homecoming (we’re at 9 medals already and only half-way through the games). But, alas, the media really don’t seem to be making enough of their achievements.


Meanwhile, today’s Irish Interest:

Ireland (London Paralympics 2012)

Pic via Paralympics.ie


8.45pmStephen Hawking sits at the bottom of a huge metal tower with a moon on the top, which descends to create a massive big bang. Hundreds of people in macs and carrying white unbrellas move around the stadium, which erupts into fireworks. It looks like a lot of antibodies swirling around a giant cell … or is that just me? And then Rihanna’s Umbrella booms out. This is brilliant already…”

Paralympics Opening Ceremony Blog (Guardian)