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The Blades QP

I still believe
Hope and possibilities are found
In every sight and every sound
There’s nothing we don’t know, then we grow

So young there’s almost nothing to forget
No disappointment or regret
The promise of the new, then we grew

Don’t believe that water turns to wine
Or that broken hearts are nothing new
Don’t believe that grief is healed by time
That life is fair and dreams come true
But I believe, I still believe in you

I Still Believe – Paul Cleary.

Chelsea White writes:

Paul Cleary, of The Blades, has been working on some new material, and we at Reekus Records are proud to debut his newest song, ‘I Still Believe’. The Blades are performing in a few weeks at The Olympia Theatre, on 5 December with Gangs in support.. You can buy tickets here, but be fast because it’s heading towards a sell-out…

G’wan The Blades.

The Blades (Facebook)

Where is ledge Hall-of-Famer, Paul Cleary (of The Blades) now?

The Irish Times asks this morning.

Paul politely declines to tell them (told you he was a ledge).

So where is he now?

Somewhere in Dublin, according to the paper.

What’s he at?

He’s somewhere in Dublin.


Somewhere in the Dublin area.

Where Is Paul Cleary Now? (Irish Times)