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“It was definitely unpleasant to have to kill two human beings made in the image of God. It’s not something that anyone should take lightly. But It was also a great joy and a privilege to defend human beings made in the image of god (laughs).”

The literally jaw-dropping eve of execution interview with Paul Hill.

Starts proper at 2.40. You’ll want to personally administer the lethal injection about five seconds in.


In 2003 there were 3000 people on death row in America.

Many protested their innocence and some (up to 3 per cent) are believed to have been the victims of miscarriages of justice.

In fact 10 wrongfully convicted defendants were released from death row in 2003.

Paul Hill (above) was not among them. He was proud to have murdered Florida abortion clinic doctor John Britton and his bodyguard, James Barrett in cold blood (He also wounded Barrett’s wife, June).

Following his arrest and up to his execution Hill, a former presbyterian minister, urged fellow anti-abortion activists: “I think more people should act as I have acted.”

He said God had made him do it.

He also waived all his rights to appeal to commute his sentence and accepted his fate.

So, why did Gay Mitchell and Fine Gael choose to intervene to help Paul Hill (a man who evidently supported the concept of a death penalty) when there were many more deserving cases on death row to plead for clemency in 2003.

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