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Caitríona Twomey of Cork Penny Dinners; Google Map showing distance between Little Island and Cork city

Sarah Horgan, on EchoLive, reports:

A homeless Cork couple walked more than 10km pushing their toddler in a toy buggy to get a hot meal.

Caitríona Twomey, who heads the soup kitchen charity, Cork Penny Dinners on Little Hanover Street, said that seeing the parents turn up with their toddler in a pram meant for dolls hit a raw nerve with volunteers at the centre.

The husband and wife had just lost their home when their child’s buggy broke.

Given their situation, they were unable to purchase a new one and could not afford transport to the city from Little Island, so they made the gruelling journey to Cork Penny Dinners on foot, pushing a toy pram instead.

Homeless family make a 10km walk for food while pushing toddler in a toy pram (Echo Live)

Pic: Business Cork