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Former White House photographer and author of Shade: A Tale of Two Presidents Pete Souza takes a pop at US President Donald Trump during his visit to Ireland.

Mr Souza has been posting throwback pictures of Mr Obama’s previous visits to the UK and Ireland while Mr Trump is over this side of the pond.

The Hill reports:

In one of a string of photos Souza shared to Instagram, Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama can be seen helping a grinning Queen Elizabeth out of a car.

The caption of the photo, which was shared on the second day of Trump’s visit, reads: “She likes him better.”

In another, Obama can be seen speaking to the British monarch as she laughs. That photo is captioned: “He makes her laugh.”

Obama is shown in another photo playing with Prince William’s son, Prince George, with a caption reading: “The little ones can always tell a person of character.”

Former White House photographer trolls Trump’s visit to UK with Obama throwbacks (The Hill)


Last night.

Donald Trump Jnr and Eric Trump during a pub crawl in Doonbeg, Co Clare.