No Going Barack


Former White House photographer and author of Shade: A Tale of Two Presidents Pete Souza takes a pop at US President Donald Trump during his visit to Ireland.

Mr Souza has been posting throwback pictures of Mr Obama’s previous visits to the UK and Ireland while Mr Trump is over this side of the pond.

The Hill reports:

In one of a string of photos Souza shared to Instagram, Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama can be seen helping a grinning Queen Elizabeth out of a car.

The caption of the photo, which was shared on the second day of Trump’s visit, reads: “She likes him better.”

In another, Obama can be seen speaking to the British monarch as she laughs. That photo is captioned: “He makes her laugh.”

Obama is shown in another photo playing with Prince William’s son, Prince George, with a caption reading: “The little ones can always tell a person of character.”

Former White House photographer trolls Trump’s visit to UK with Obama throwbacks (The Hill)


Last night.

Donald Trump Jnr and Eric Trump during a pub crawl in Doonbeg, Co Clare.

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9 thoughts on “No Going Barack

  1. Dr.Fart MD

    the state of them in Doonbeg, clamering all over the trump sons. whilst i don’t expect them to shun them and be rude etc., even though they’re awful, the way they’re all over them is a bit much. it’s very irish, “sure theyre bringing jobs in to our area and thats all that matters” … just like our political system, ya get dopes like the healy-raes in the dail as a result of looking after people in their locality. “be damned with the rest of the country, once im alright” .. gettin selfies with trump sons is so lame. like just wanting to be in a picture with the well known americans, regardless of why theyre well known.

    1. jasper

      Major employer
      Thank go the roads are so bad in the country
      Imagine if they actually made it to copper face jacks
      We would of had a snowflake meltdown

    2. rotide

      It’s not very Irish at all.

      It’s only because there is so much press there. The people are being gently encouraged to take the selfies.

      if there was no press, there wouldn’t be half the fuss. Source: Being in any pub in Ireland when someone half famous walks in and everyone stares and then makes a point of not staring while going ‘thats yer man off that thing’

    3. Termagant

      Listen, on the one hand of course everyone hates the parochial approach to national politics that gets the gallery loaded with Healy Raes. But on the other hand: how much over say the past 20 years has been done to substantially support employment and devlopment in rural Ireland? I’ll confess to you, as a Dub I don’t really care about what happens outside the Pale, I support decentralisation and rural development but mainly as a way to encourage people to move out of Dublin so the rent goes down. I can’t begrudge them saying “fupp the lot of ye” and taking actions that materially benefit themselves and only themselves, that’s basically been the attitude of big city folk for living memory.

  2. Termagant

    Yeah, we loved him. Sure didn’t I myself join the mob to look at him from afar on a stage in Dublin. Thereafter he was agreeing to refuel Saudi jets on their way to bomb the bejaysus out of the Houthis. Sometimes even vast numbers of people get it wrong.

  3. :-Joe

    I didn’t support him…

    Look up how he lied on camera to the people of Flint Michigan, pregnant women and children in particular, when asked if their water supply was safe to drink and wasn’t poisoned, which he definitely knew it was at the time. Kill lists, murders and illegal assisanitions , seven wars etc etc

    Just another puppet scumbag for the empire…


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