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Paschal Donohoe tweetz:

The greatest enemy of the Time Lord comes to Phibsborough care of Phizz Fest

Phizzfest 2014

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UPDATE: The Dalek ‘cosy’ was created by Anne Phelan.

H/T: Neil O’Gorman


This weekend.

Stuff the Picnic.

Anne Phelan writes:

Is there any chance you could give a mention to Phizzfest – brilliant community arts festival lighting up Phibsborough and the northside, with music, theatre, visual arts, kids’ events, community day, local history, events on the Royal canal, all packed in between September 1st and 9th (but which actually kicked off yesterday with a John Murray walk along the canal). It’s all run by a team of amazingly committed volunteers. lots of the events at Phizzfest are free, and the one you have to pay for are really good value.