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The Illum (€1089 on pre-order) from Lytro – launched this week  – is a light field or ‘plenoptic’ camera that captures all the light in a given scene, giving all manner of ‘3D’ options, like  selecting the focal points of a picture after you’ve taken it.

They’ve been mucking about with the technology since the summer of 2011 and developed a predecessor to the current model back in 2012.

This one however, has a 40 (as opposed to 11) megaray sensor and is targeted at ‘creative professionals’ (you know who you are.)

The technology is also the focus of an app by Lytro that allows 3D picture viewing, not to mention ‘light field movie capture’ enabling focus switching within an animation.

MORE: Lytro’s new Illum camera brings light-field tech to pros (and it could change photos forever) (Venture Beat)

(H/T: John Gallen)