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Sick of the way the game is covered?

The hype, the haircuts and the unwelcome ‘spit roasts’.

You may like an Irish football blog called Pollemma, which caters for the ‘thinking fan’.

Polemma‘s founders Alan Walsh and Paul Tierney explain.

We’re looking to change the conversation around football a little by avoiding clickbait, endless talk of massive transfers and a lot of the nonsense you hear about the game at the top level, and look at football from a slightly different perspective.

We write about the Irish game but also cover stories people might not be familiar with from England, Italy, Africa, Iran and wherever people are kicking footballs. From John Delaney’s antics at the FAI to how a team of refugees are challenging the status quo in Italy.

We do write about the bigger English and European clubs, but in our own way. We love the game, and we’re trying to make Pollemma about why we love it.

We’d love to hear from writers who want to tell interesting stories about the beautiful game, designers, film-makers, coders or anyone creating anything about football.

We’d be thrilled to feature work from like-minded fans. You can mail us at votepollemma@gmail.com or on twitter @votepollemma