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Fifteen-year-old Nora Quoirin; Malaysian police press conference


RTÉ journalist Jackie Fox told RTÉ’s News At One:

“After eight hours, the police just came out to reporters there within the last few minutes and, speaking in Malaysian, we’re just getting some translation here.

“They said that the post-mortem started at 11.45am [local time] today on the remains of Nora Quoirin and police said that no cause of death has been determined yet after almost eight hours of examination.

“They said that four pathologists are working on it at the moment, including one from Kuala Lumpur hospital. They said that tomorrow they will hold another press conference. They did not give time or detail on that at the moment.

“But we’re still going to have to wait for answers on what happened to Nora Quoirin.”

Pic: Sumisha Naidu

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