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“D’ writes:

This is my wife’s blog on her personal experience of post-natal depression and the lack of resources and support for women in Ireland for International Woman’s Day

Here is what I do know.

Services and support for people suffering from depression in Ireland are under sourced and under valued. There is also not enough knowledge nor help available for mothers who are pregnant and suffering from depression. Nor for post natal depression. I am speaking from experience and from reading of other mothers’ experiences. I began a course of anti-depressants three years ago. I then found out I was pregnant with my third child. My doctor’s advice was to stop the medication, cheer up and take iron.

When my third child was six months old. I knew I had post natal Depression. I was breastfeeding her. Two GPs recommended I wean my daughter immediately and start medication. I did not want to wean her. I spent hours online resourcing medications that were safe to take when breastfeeding. Thanks to that research and some support from a woman and doctor who I contacted via The Breastway.com I found out what medication was suitable. Took them for almost 10 months and got through it, it was a blip and I fixed it with the help of the medication and from the support of my husband. Had this happened [to] me six years ago when I had my first daughter, when I was not as internet savvy, the outcome could have been different. I should not have had to research what medication I could take. I am not a Doctor.

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(Drawing: Tavik Simon)