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Project One Sky‘.

Interactive workshops teaching Irish teenagers vital coping techniques to support their wellbeing.

Founded by Dr Colm Fallon for the classroom, Project One Sky was adapted for distance learning this year.

Project One Sky writes:

Students collaborate with their teammates to develop new skills such as basic breathing techniques, meditation and mindset while reflecting on how truth telling, smartphone use and getting fresh air affects their wellbeing.….

Colm has had an interest in wellbeing and philosophy since he was a teenager, which lead him to study physics (an intersection between maths and philosophy) along with yoga, tai chi, meditation, and world philosophies & religions. He moved into education and has taught and learned in Germany, India, China, the US and Offaly.

His goal is to transform education through technology, by giving teachers the fuel to inspire students daily without burning out, and to allow students to connect more deeply to themselves, a fundamental requirement if we wish to deal with the global mental health, environmental and economic challenges we now face.

In fairness.

Project One Sky