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[Mount Rivers, Newport, Co Tipperary, top]

What Goes Up writes:

“I put a €500K bid on a gorgeous property in 2012. It was on for €650K – the ads for it are still on Daft and MyHome – but I thought my offer was enough, as the running and upkeep costs would be a mortgage on their own
I was told there was a higher offer – and I said €500K was my maximum bid but that I was still interested and to let me know if the higher offer fell through.
It went “Sale Agreed” in December 2012 but hadn’t appeared on the Property Price Register until this week...when It sold for €375K!
Not only is this VERY depressing but it also means that the banks will end up with larger losses because of deals like this, which means we all will have to bail them out again.
We bought and sold houses when we lived in London. All very straight forward and transparent. We assumed that the Irish situation would be the same when we moved back. We were wrong. And so I shall be emigrating (again), as I see no reason to pay for someone else to buy a house I don’t get to live in.”



“The property showed up last week on the property price register for €375k, but this is because the lands were sold as a separate part of the sale to the same party. The sale of the entire property including the lands exceeded €500,000. We will be following up with the bidder directly to explain this to him.”

Andrew Smyth, Public relations, Savills [Estate Agents] Ireland

Mount Rivers, Newport, Co Tipperary (MyHome.ie)