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This morning.

Bebe writes:

Thousands don’t know where they’re going to sleep at night or where their next meal will come from; thousands more on zero hours contracts – what would Leo know about those living on the margins due to neglect by his government since 2011?

He tried to say they were fraudulently claiming benefits ’til that nugget backfired. HSE dealing with crisis after crisis in life and death scenarios where front line staff bear the brunt while executives make the decisions much like executive FG that continue to penalise those consumed by poverty.

I can’t stand to see the leader of the country rub our noses in it like this and speak of focusing NOW on quality of those jobs or quality of life supports housing, etc.

Eight years too late for many who have no choice but to take zero hours contract that offer no stability or security – FG propped up by FF are a joke and the kicker is we have no alternative waiting in wings to seize power.

We don’t deserve this – our newly educated medics should not be forced to emigrate to work in safe and career advancement conditions not available at home.

And no one in our wealthy nation should have to beg, steal or borrow in the hope of finding a bed, night after night week after week year after year.

To add to our owes Dáil on holidays since yesterday to 17 Sept is another bloody joke – on us as usual…

Pic via MerrionStreet