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A Daft ad in May

On Wednesday, October 22, at 6pm.

A Banter discussion at Wigwam on Abbey Street Middle, Dublin 1, will focus on the cost of rent  today.

The panel will include Eithne Shortall (The Sunday Times Home Hunter column), Sive Bresnihan (Dublin Tenants Association), Lorcan Sirr (Dublin Institute of Technology) and Mandy Meredith (Associate Director, Sherry Fitgerald Lettings)

Banter writes:

Back in October 2013, Banter held a discussion about housing in the capital. After the boom and the bust, we thought back then that it was as bad as it could get and the struggle to find an affordable house to rent or buy seemed harder than ever.

Fastforward three years and the situation now is worse than ever before. Last week, figures from the Residential Tenancies Board showed that the cost of renting a home in the capital is now at an all-time high and that the average monthly cost of renting in Dublin in June 2016 was €113 higher than a year ago.

Rents are also increasing outside Dublin so there’s no escape. Add in record numbers of homeless families and you’ve a story which doesn’t appear to be getting any better, no matter what the Government promise or plan.

This Banter discussion will focus on the situation which exists in the city right now as regards renting, the possible solutions which could be introduced, the perpetual reluctance by the relevant authorities to do anything about this, the unwillingness to tackle social housing and how the current intransigence could play out.


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