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amarist-alejandro-monge-too-much-table-money-designboom-02 amarist-alejandro-monge-too-much-table-money-designboom-05amarist-alejandro-monge-too-much-table-money-designboom-08 amarist-alejandro-monge-too-much-table-money-designboom-10amarist-alejandro-monge-too-much-table-money-designboom-06

A ‘sculptural dining table’ by Spanish artist Alejandro Monge comprising what appears to be a cube filled with charred fifty euro notes atop which flickers a biofuel flame .

While there’s nothing especially groundbreaking about the intent of the piece (‘…a note is a dyed piece of paper that represents a number, 10, 20, 50 dollars, yens, euros. a figure that we exchange in order to acquire something wanted. a figure that within itself has no more value than the one given to the job or the time traded…’), the skill with which Monge has reproduced, coloured and glued  every note by hand, even finding a way to replicate the petrified appearance of ashes using resin is very impressive.

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