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RTE News2day presenter Nick Sheridan

Nick ‘Swoon’ Sheridan, presenter of RTÉ’s news2day

Here is the hot person news.

Laura Fitzgerald writes:

RTÉ News’ Nick Sheridan has won the 2016 Prix CIRCOM Regional Rising Star Award. The 24 year old Wexford native has been awarded the honour by CIRCOM, the European Association of Regional Television.

Nick Sheridan presents RTÉ’s news2day, a daily news programme for younger viewers and has also reported for RTÉ’s main news bulletins including the Six-One News, and Nationwide.

The 2016 Prix CIRCOM Gala Awards (the ‘Oscars’ of European Regional Television), honour the best European regional productions in a range of genres.

Meanwhile,  A Turning Tide in the Life of Man (i mBéal na Stoirme) TG4 won best documentary.

Prix CIRCOM 2016 winners