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Joe Duffy

Bonkers writes:

On the topic of RTÉ salaries not only are they extortionately high but also that the ‘stars’ like to take very long holidays every year.

Anyone who tunes into Marian Finucane at the weekend will know this, it often feels like a flip of a coin as it whether or not she’ll be in that day.

And take Joe Duffy, man of the working people. Except Joe is a bit work shy himself.

In 2018 and 2017 Boards.ie poster ButterSuki using his ”Joe Duffy Wurkday Calculator’ tracked each day that the Liveline host was missing in action.

In 2018 out of 252 ‘wurkdays’ Duffy was not there on 49 occasions, which is basically one day short of him taking 10 weeks holidays across the year. Great wurk if you can get it


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