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Russian Ambassador to Ireland Yury Anatoliyevich Filatoc; Joe Duffy

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Broadcaster Pat Kenny

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What’s the worst that could happen?


Last night: ‘Jabbermouths’


Newstalk’s Pat Kenny (left) and RTÉ’s Joe Duffy, critics of the unvaxxed

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They all got the memo.

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Football legend John Giles

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On Off The Ball:

“A lot of players are not being vaccinated, which I don’t agree with.

“I think they should be vaccinated, he (Republic of Ireland forward Callum Robinson) has had it twice himself who knows where he spread it to when he did have it.

“I think footballers are being given a lot of freedom in this particular situation. I think they’ve been privileged in some of the things that they can do because they’re footballers.

“I read the other day that some of the journalists weren’t allowed in (to the Ireland press conference) because they weren’t vaccinated.

“I can’t understand it and I think in this case I think they’ve (footballers) been too privileged.

“They’ve created an awful lot of rules so that they can go on trips and continue to play and do various things that I don’t think people on the other end of it are being taken into consideration.

‘”think it’s wrong, I think professional footballers are privileged, but when it comes to this they’ve been very loose in allowing certain things to happen.”

John Giles on Off The Ball last night.

John Giles slams ‘privileged’ footballers refusing to get vaccinated (Extra.ie)

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Further to yesterday’s Liveline on RTÉ Radio One where host Joe Duffy berated Republic of Ireland forward Callum Robinson for not taking the jab…

…via Ewan MacKenna (full article at link below)

“This is not pub talk, it’s science,” howled Joe Duffy on Wednesday afternoon.

Thereafter, in a nonsensical hour about Callum Robinson who has had Covid twice, the conversation talked about how he wouldn’t get into Azerbaijan without being vaccinated (he has a Covid passport), how 15 months of vaccines have been great (vaccines began 10 months ago), how Robinson may really be a public figure to promote anti-vaxxers (what do we even put in these brackets), before Joe proudly told us that: “I respect his choice but if you’re not vaccinated you should stay in your bedroom”. (He also suggested we “take one for the team”, this in a year when he took home €392,494 while speaking to those losing everything and telling them we’re in it together.)

I get it.

Lie with dogs and catch fleas, but the problem with Liveline is that it not just captures much of the national mood, it creates and influences it. And while no doubt a hugely successful programme, that alone should not be the remit of the national broadcaster.

Can’t it do better? Sure, correct what is wrong, but do that on both sides rather than being a hustle through the brain-dead badlands, a proud strut through the carcasses of enlightenment.

For what little it’s worth, I think Robinson should get the vaccination. I’d advise anyone to, but advice and abuse are not the same thing. Like it or not, it is his choice, and even if it’s for the wrong reasons, the science remains. This is what’s been lacking throughout a testosterone fueled tearing apart of him. [more at link below]

Forgive Me RTÉ For I Have Sinned – It’s Been Two Months Since My Last Vaccination (Ewan MacKenna)

Yesterday: Callumny



State broadcasting heavies, RTÉ’s Joe Duffy and BBC Northern Ireland’s Stephen Nolan, engage in pointed, sausage-fingered attacks on anti-vax propaganda and anti-vaxxers in general.

Get your pies shot.

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Liveline on RTÉ Radio One.


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Joe Duffy and Oprah Winfrey

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