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Cross Patrick or Bridget’s cross?

YOU decide.

Both St. Bridget and St. Patrick are patron saints of Ireland, but each had very different methods of converting people to Christianity from paganism during medieval times in Ireland. The main reason for the differences in their approach was due to their difference in origins and target audience. St. Patrick’s approach was more aggressive and was aimed towards people in the druid class who were advisors to kings. St. Bridget’s approach, which was gentler and welcoming to the Irish people, was directed toward commoners who continued to follow pagan rituals until her influence. Although their methods varied, it is evident that St. Bridget’s approach to conversion yielded greater results than St. Patrick’s, because it did not impose religion on the people, but instead moulded their previous pagan beliefs into a genuine and devout acceptance of Christianity.


The Conversion to Christianity in Medieval Ireland: St. Patrick vs. St. Bridget (Medieval List pdf)