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Supporters of a protest against homelessness in Dublin city on December 5, 2019


A protest against homelessness will be held in Dublin city with supporters meeting at the Garden of Remembrance at 1pm.

Leah Catherine Daly writez:

“We will march down O’Connell Street and assemble at [O’Connell] bridge.

“There is a plan for on the day so I would ask that you assemble in an orderly fashion and listen to the instruction of the stewards or it won’t work. We are far more organised for Saturday than we were for December 5th.

“There will be people speaking so I would ask that during that time people stay quiet and listen to them.

“There will be manned voting help desks set up from 12pm at the GPO until 3pm where you can get all the information you need and access to RFA2 [register of elector forms] and help to fill them out should you struggle with reading or writing.

“Please bring your banners. Anyone with tents and sleeping bags to donate, please bring them and non-perishable food items.”

Protest against Homelessness in Ireland, Less Talk More Action! (Facebook)

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