All This Aggravation Ain’t Satisfactioning Me [Updated]


This afternoon.

Parnell Square, Dublin 2

Miles Kavanagh dressed as Elvis (above) joins a protest against homelessness from Parnell Square to the Dáil.

More as we get it.


Sam Boal/Rollingnews


This afternoon.

The march passes, from top: O’Connell Street (pics 1 and 2) and Grafton Street before arriving at Kildare Street (above).

Sam Boal/Rollingnews

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16 thoughts on “All This Aggravation Ain’t Satisfactioning Me [Updated]

  1. Bort

    You when you see someone being interviewed and they say they’ve been on the housing list for ten years. It always baffles me that they’re in the same situation ten years later. What have they been doing the last ten years?

    This story on youtube by the Guardian was an interesting one.

    Woman and her daughter were renting a property for ten years. She was on the housing list 6 years. But somehow was paying rent for ten years. The landlord lost the house and she was given 3 months to vacate, yet she couldn’t find another property. Declared herself homeless, herself and her daughter got put up in a hotel for a few months and then got housed under HAP. All the while dropping her daughter to DCU in her car every morning, a pretty new car. Are they homeless? No one renting can stay in the rental property as long as they want, are they all homeless?

    I believe everyone deserves a home but what does entitled to a home mean? Where is the responsibility of the individual to house themselves begin?

    When the word homelessness is so readily used it doesn’t resonate with people getting shafted paying high rent, mortgage repayments or those who can’t save for a mortgage because of their rent. What’s their entitlement. Is social housing just going to satisfy the needy who need a home or is the anything for the bled dry squeezed middle?

    1. pedeyw

      How about this: Everyone is entitled to a home and they pay a percentage of their gross and is then tax deductible. You don’t have to take it but you can’t take it and then rent it out to anyone else.

      1. Cian

        Can I choose where to live?
        How do you allocate the homes?
        Are all the homes the same size?
        Where are all these homes going to be built?

    2. dav

      so she should have sold the card, sacrificed her daughters education? Maybe live in a tent? Would that satisfied your need to see the homeless punished and suffer for being homeless?

      1. Bort

        Well yea she could’ve sold the car. Never said anything about her daughter dropping out of college?
        How much more should the people in the endless rental cycle be punished? Rent too high to save deposit to buy, earning too much to be eligible for any govt. assistance. My wife and I saving 5 years to get a deposit together, earned too much for the help to buy scheme, the govt build a load of social and “affordable housing” we’ll qualify for neither. Our lives our on hold because a child will demolish our savings. Buy where we can afford miles away from where we work and endure commuting hell or buy in a sh1thole and all our neighbours paying eff all for their social house? Sure with the regulation we can barely buy eff all anywhere, meanwhile our rent continues to go up.

        I don’t want the homeless to suffer but I’m suffering, a lot of people in my situation are suffering.

        1. some old queen

          Weirdly in this internet world, I agree with all four comments arguing against each other above- I should be banned or- at least moderated?

    3. Dhaughton99

      “What have they been doing the last ten years?”

      Having more babies to bump them up the list.

        1. SoLo

          You qualify for council housing once you come under the income threshold. Income has hardly been skyrocketing for most people the last ten years.

          1. some old queen

            In the IT sector- meaning real software rather than multi nationals- quality has nosedived- mainly because of disposable income, or lack of. There is only so many bare ankled, turmeric latte drinking, shaved neckline, agile evangelists who for their life cannot give a client a deadline let alone a milestone before- you just fluck off somewhere else.

            Nett result is companies are now looking outside Dublin for development work because the coding, development, time and project management skills are way better- this is a good thing. Keen people with families are not stuck on trains or sitting in cars for four hours a day- it makes sense.

          1. Michael Gleeson

            Also, there is no income restriction on the Help to Buy Scheme, so your claim that you earned too much to qualify is total BS.

            The only restriction is that the house you’re looking to buy must be a new-build, must cost less than €600k and you must be a first-time buyer.

            In short, Bort, you’re talking through your botty.

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